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Release Notes

Version 22.12.9.release

In Version 22.12.9 an optional dependency is included, which is, depending on the used Eclipse, needed to import tables and enumeration contents from Excel.

Version 22.12.8.release

Release 22.12.8.release adds offline validation for the product variant plugin 22.12.1.

Version 22.12.7.release

Unfortunately we discovered shortly after releasing Faktor-IPS 22.12.6 that w3.org under certain circumstances may be reachable but still not return a valid XSD. We adapted our checks accordingly in 22.12.7.

Version 22.12.6.release

The Faktor-IPS schema validation’s ability to run offline relies on packaged schema files - which were missing in previous builds. Additionally Faktor-IPS now checks the availability of the W3C root XSD schema besides its own schema server and replaces that schema with a local copy as needed. (FIPS-9759)

Version 22.12.5.release

In Version 22.12.5, the following bugs are fixed:

  • IllegalArgumentException when creating model description view (FIPS-9692)

  • faktorips-valuetypes should use jaxb-api as provided dependency (FIPS-9705)

The change concerning the JAXB API means that depending on where (for example inside a JEE server that provides its own JAXB implementation) and with which JDK (Java 8 includes JAXB, newer versions don’t) the Faktor-IPS runtime is used, you might need to add a JAXB dependency to your POM:


Version 22.12.4.release

Version 22.12.4 fixes two bugs in the HTML export:

Version 22.12.3.release

Behobene Fehler

  • Recursion in AbstractRuntimeRepository#getEnumValueLookupService is called too often (FIPS-9621)

  • ProductReleaseProzessor throws NullPointerException when encountering model JAR reference (FIPS-9633)

  • Product components in folders with Unicode characters aren’t migrated (FIPS-9549)

Version 22.12.2.release

Version 22.12.2 fixes the following bugs:

  • Exception in .ipsproject XSD validation before migration from Faktor-IPS 21.12 to 22.12 (FIPS-9532)

  • Wrong version in pom created by the addNature wizard (FIPS-9501)

  • Source plugins missing in p2repository*.zip (FIPS-9521)

Version 22.12.1.release

Fixes Bug FIPS-9420(Error in reference search).

The versioning scheme was changed to be able to publish OSGi artifacts (Eclipse plugins) as well as Maven artifacts (runtime) with a unified version number.

Version 22.12.0

Faktor-IPS 22.12 only contains minor bug fixes and improvements (see below).

Eclipse 2022-09 (4.25) made extensive changes to Eclipse’s internal project dependencies. These changes still lead to problems including with Faktor-IPS. So we cannot officially support this version and generally advise against using it. We plan support for Eclipse 2022-09 (and later versions) as well as Java 17 as a minimum version for the development tools with Faktor-IPS 23.6. Should you foresee problems with that switch or require a patch for Faktor-IPS 22.12 in combination with a newer Eclipse, please contact us at fips@faktorzehn.de.

New Structure of Plugins and Update of Dependencies

The Faktor-IPS plugins have been further restructured. Custom plugins based on Faktor-IPS may need to add the new bundle org.faktorips.devtools.model.eclipse to their dependencies and organize their imports. In addition, the dependencies used by Faktor-IPS have been updated to their latest versions, leading to small changes, for example replacing org.apache.commons.lang with org.apache.commons.lang3.


The migration to Faktor-IPS 22.12 must be done from a Faktor-IPS no older than 21.6, because it changes some internal IDs in the files .project, .ipsproject and sometimes .classpath (from org.faktorips.devtools.model to org.faktorips.devtools.model.eclipse). Custom plugins must also be adapted to these changes, because many classes had to be moved. In most cases, the Eclipse operation “Organize Imports” should do the job.

Fixed Bugs

  • Renewed execution of product search does not work (FIPS-1432)

  • Tooltip "Ungültiger Testattributname…​" has error (FIPS-1548)

  • API of DefaultRange.size() does not match code (FIPS-4267)

  • Set correct min-cardinality when creating new links (FIPS-5556)

  • Export of extendable enums: columns have wrong values (FIPS-7188)

  • Association can be added to but not removed from read-only model object (FIPS-7396)

  • Third column in enum is always treated as literal (FIPS-7476)

  • Usage of enums as columns in other enums must be considered in create and insert statements (FIPS-8488)

  • Installed JDK not found in newer Eclipse versions. (FIPS-8585)

  • Access to enumeration attributes by name fails for upper-case names (FIPS-9003)

  • NPE Multiedit: Change of tariff variant in KF model (FIPS-9011)

  • ips-preferences validation error (FIPS-9088)

  • Description in New Wizards is unreadable (FIPS-9100)

  • w3.org xsd over https (FIPS-9185)

  • IpsTests can’t find ToC from Maven dependencies on Windows (FIPS-9196)

  • ModelObjectAttributes.resetAttributes(…​, IS_IRRELEVANT_BUT_NOT_EMPTY) throws Exception when Derived_on_The_Fly attribute is irrelevant (FIPS-9246)

  • HTML Export KF Model: value sets aren’t exported. (FIPS-9297)

  • NPE in ModelContentProvider (FIPS-9306)

  • Relative path to local Maven-repository does not work (FIPS-9335)

Further Features and Improvements

  • CVS Import throws exception with handwritten file (FIPS-6874)

  • Maven Mojo with Tycho release 2.4.0 (FIPS-8061)

  • XML-Schema for .ipsproject (FIPS-8675)

  • Faktor-IPS-Maven-Plugin with Tycho 3 (FIPS-9127)

  • Refactoring of attribute names should also rename rules (FIPS-6848)

  • "Migrate Projects"-wizard needs "Select/Deselect All" (FIPS-6964)

  • Label for validation of attributes should be configurable (FIPS-7758)

  • Better error message instead of NullPointerException for unknown inherited data types (FIPS-8471)

  • Product associations should always be able to not configure a policy association (FIPS-8562)

  • Product attribute of type String(multilingual) should be configurable as mandatory in the model (FIPS-8598)

  • Table descriptions should be displayed in model description view (FIPS-8949)

  • Schema in .ipsproject-templates in the archetype (FIPS-9015)

  • Unified treatment of null/empty String as default (FIPS-9042)

  • BOM for Faktor-IPS (FIPS-9045)

  • Archetype-Documentation: works in Eclipse from 2022-09 (FIPS-9220)

  • Switch to Tycho 3.0 Release (FIPS-9266)