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IntelliJ IDEA is a more and more popular IDE besides Eclipse. Because Faktor-IPS is based on the Eclipse plugin architecture it cannot simply be used with IntelliJ. To allow developers using IntelliJ to work with Faktor-IPS objects we started development of a separate IntelliJ plugin.

In the first version the Faktor-IPS IntelliJ Plugin binds the file types used by Faktor-IPS to IntelliJs XML editor and adds Icons in the usual colors:


The XML editor validates changes against the schema in the Faktor-IPS files. Should the schema validation not work, you can trigger IntelliJ to manually download the schema by right-clicking on the .xsd URL in the second line of the .ips* file, choosing Show Context Actions (Alt+Enter) and selecting Fetch external resource.

The IntelliJ plugin can be downloaded from the Jetbrains marketplace manually or installed from within IntelliJ by adding the channel https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugins/alpha/list at FileSettingsPluginsManage Plugin Repositories and then searching for Faktor-IPS.